Shades and

nuances of elegance

CENTO curtains represent the pinnacle of design and sophistication in interior decoration. Made with premium materials and impeccable attention to detail, these curtains add a touch of class and sophistication to any environment.

Their versatility translates into an absolutely precise control over the amount of natural light entering the space, thus allowing the creation of particularly evocative atmospheres characterized by a very refined design. Thanks to this precision, it is possible to modulate the lighting according to one’s preferences, transforming any environment into a unique and fascinating place, capable of fully reflecting the desired style.

Whether it’s panel curtains, roller blinds, or Venetian blinds in aluminum or wood, CENTO curtains are the key element for those seeking timeless elegance in their living space.


vertical stripe design

The Blish curtain is a masterpiece of design that redefines the idea of elegance and functionality in vertical stripe curtains. This innovative creation masterfully combines two types of fabrics that, adjusted as desired, allow two different filtrations of sunlight. The versatility of the Blish makes it the perfect choice for any setting, from home to professional environments.

The more filtering fabric works in tandem with a less filtering one, allowing control of up to 95% of sunlight thanks to the orientation of the vertical stripes. The Blish also offers three handling options: chain cord, rod, or motor, allowing you to adapt it to your lifestyle and needs.

What really makes the Blish curtain special is its unique design, which combines the look of a soft curtain with the practicality of a vertical blind. It offers a completely free passageway from barriers, ensuring accessibility for everyone, including the elderly and people with disabilities. With the Blish curtain, you have the freedom to open your space without obstacles and with style.